WHQ – Class Options

8-Week Classes

These 8-week sessions start in January, April and September, with morning or afternoon, and evening classes available, and run for an hour an a half once a week. The Beginners class covers all introductory Awakening Vitality movements over the 8-week period, usually adding new moves each week after reviewing previously learned moves. Each class would include practice and review of all the moves learned so far, as well as a variety of other practice components and teachings.

Students may opt to do the Beginners class more than once to help deepen and refine their practice.  The class is designed for both new and returning students.  Returning students are encouraged and supported in focusing more inwardly on the key principles of Wisdom Healing Qigong as they work on deepening and refining, applying these principles to the various moves and other practices.

Saturday Sessions 

Introductory sessions are occasionally offered as Retreat Reflection Days at our Presentation Sisters Retreat House on Virginia Lake in Virginia Waters (just off Logy Bay Road near NTV). These sessions are open to both new and returning students … a mix of quiet time and time for both new teaching as well as refresh and review time.  Time varies from 1/2 day 9:30 – 12:30 or 12:30 – 3:30 to  full day from 9:30 – 3:30.

Cost:  Suggested offering of $15 for 1/2 day or $30 for full day or pay whatever you can contribute

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Give your self a treat … a little “time-out” just for YOU!
“Come, taste and see”!
All you need is a sense of adventure,  and always a “beginners mind” …