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About Justin

Justin Stone, who originated T’ai Chi Chih® Joy thru Movement in 1974, turned 95 in November, 2011 and died the following spring on March 28, 2012.

After spending many years living in the far east, learning their traditions and way of life and incorporating them into his own life,  Justin returned to North America to reside in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he lived his remaining years.

You can browse the official world-wide T’ai Chi Chih website for more of Justin’s story.

I had the good fortune to meet Justin at our T’ai Chi Chih Conference in 2005, which was in Albuquerque.

A favourite quote of Justin’s exemplifies what he refers to as “a latitude of gratitude”
as a way of life which he maintains is facilitated by one’s practice of T’ai Chi Chih:

Albuquerque Conference 2005 - Canadian teachers with Justin_opt
Justin with our Canadian contingent of teachers in attendance that year!

Happy 90th Birthday, Justin!

This photo was sent to Justin for his 90th in 2006 on behalf of our growing NL TCC Community

Each year on or around November 20th students are invited to dedicate their practice, whether alone or in a special gathering, in gratitude to JUSTIN as we remember his birthday and celebrate his gift to us of T’ai Chi Chih.

One such group practice was held at The Lantern on Barnes Road in St. John’s on Sunday, November 20th 2011 to celebrate Justin ‘s 95th birthday. Those present shared stories of how T’ai Chi Chih has changed their lives, sometimes in small ways and sometimes in amazing ways.   A full silent practice followed our birthday salute to Justin in a spirit of profound gratitude for his life and love and the wonderful gift of T’ai Chi Chih he has blessed us with.

Justin is quoted on the cover of our T’ai Chi Chih quarterly journal, The Vital Force, as affirming that “T’ai Chi Chih is a Service to Humanity. It is a form of Love.”

In the spirit of that quote by Justin, we invite you each year to come celebrate with us as part of a growing world-wide T’ai Chi Chih Community, sharing lots of good energy with one another and sending it out to our world!

Remembering Justin
Wednesday, March 28, 2012

TCC - Justin`s Death Notice_opt

I received word from Dan Penciak, T’ai Chi Chih teacher, mentor and friend this afternoon regarding Justin Stone’s passing after a lengthy illness.  A special greeting to you all now as we remember and celebrate Justin with joy and with profound gratitude for his life and for his gift of T’ai Chi Chih/Seijaku to us and to our world, and for all that he was and all he taught us.

NL - Remembering Justin #3_opt
Photo sent by Kim Grant/Vital Force Journal Editor …Thank you, Kim.

Below are notes from both Antonia, our T’ai Chi Chih Guide at the time, and Kim Grant, Editor of the Vital Force, our quarterly T’ai Chi Chih journal.

Justin is quoted on the cover of each VFJ as maintaining,  “T’ai Chi Chih is a service to humanity. It is a form of love.”  May we continue to bear witness to that in our lives.

Click here for a special NL Thank You and Remembrance submitted to our Vital Force Journal April 2012.

Here are two photos from our practice at The Lantern remembering and honouring Justin …

NL - Remembering Justin #2_opt

Justin thanks you for your life and your service to T’ai Chi Chih. And he reminds us to “Practice when you want to and practice when you don’t” and that “T’ai Chi Chih is a service to mankind”.

In gratitude, The Vital Force

Dear fellow T’ai Chi Chih  Teachers and Students,   (from Sister Antonia, T’ai Chi Chih Guide at the time)

We received the sad news today of the passing of Justin F. Stone, the Originator of the T’ai Chi Chih form.  I greet each of you with a heavy heart at the death of a man who has given so much to the world.  Justin led a very full life of 95 years, and left a great legacy to us as teachers and practitioners.  We surely will miss Justin’s physical presence, his personal teachings, and guidance of the T’ai Chi Chih community…

We, you and I, are the future that will enable Justin’s gift to be handed onto the next generation.  One of my personal goals has been to include Justin and his words in all my communications, and I encourage you to do the same, as well as always refer to it as T’ai Chi Chih.  Otherwise T’ai Chi Chih will simply be seen as another form of T’ai Chi Ch’uan, (which it is not).  By being Accredited as T’ai Chi Chih teachers, we have proven our worthiness to continue to bring this form to the world so that everyone who wishes can have this moving meditation in their lives and experience the power of the Chi …

In closing, I’d like to quote one of Justin’s statements, which I ask each of you to hold in your hearts and intentions as we move into the future: “…I can only see the future (of T’ai Chi Chih) as extremely bright, and I believe it will be accomplished by serious teachers.”  You are those “serious teachers.”  We do have an extremely bright future.  Let’s move into it together, flowing softly, with joy and harmony.

Wishing you peace and all good,

Sr. Antonia Cooper, OSF
Guide of T’ai Chi Chih and the Community