Gems – Program Components

    Wisdom Healing Qigong “Gems”      

“Where the mind goes, energy flows!”
– Master Mingtong Gu

Energy is alive. Energy wants to move.
Energy wants to connect.
The more freely Energy flows, the more alive and healthy we are,
body, mind and spirit, and the more happy and joyous and free!
Wisdom Healing Qigong guides you to access
more directly, more deeply and more gently
the natural universal energy of life all around us and within us.
This energy is often referred to as Chi or spelled “Qi” as in Qigong.

Wisdom Healing Qigong has several key focuses
a variety of components/practices besides the movements.
See the handout below for what I have named as
Wisdom Healing Qigong’s  “Gems” …

Click here  to view and print my coloured GEMS handout
of these key program focuses and components.

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