Moves, Videos and Other Resources

  1. Rocking Motion
  2. Bird Flaps its Wings
  3. Around the Platter
  4. Around the Platter Variation
  5. Bass Drum
  6. Daughter on the Mountain Top
  7. Daughter in the Valley
  8. Carry the Ball to the Side
  9. Push Pull
  10. Pulling in the Energy
  11. Basic Pulling Taffy
  12. Anchor Taffy Variation
  13. Wrist Circle Taffy
  14. Perpetual Motion Taffy
  15. Working the Pulley
  16. Light at the Top of the Head
    and Light at the Temple
  17. Joyous Breath
  18. Passing Clouds
  19. Six Healing Sounds
  20. Cosmic Consciousness Pose

The moves are generally done in repetitions of 3 for most of the sideways moves or 9 for those that go forward and backward plus for 2 of the sideways moves.

They are essentially done with the waist and wrists while the rest of the body flows with the movement and adjusts accordingly, the spine remaining straight the whole time and the gaze soft and forward.

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While the moves are most often done standing, there is also a seated form, designed for those with physical challenges, including students in wheelchairs.

Relax and enjoy these as an added support for your practice.

While it is best and highly recommended that you initially learn T’ai Chi Chih in person with an Accredited Teacher, the following RESOURCES you may also enjoy and find very helpful as a support for your learning and in your continuing practice.

Boost immunity • Increase energy • Find peace.
Join more than 250,000 who have already experienced T’ai Chi Chih’s subtle power.
Learn from Justin directly.
~ from T’ai Chi Chih Web Site

Links to the wide variety of Justin’s available materials can be found on the official T’ai Chi Chih  web site under Instructional Materials or click here to directly access the information  For purchase by mail or for on-line viewing and listening as well as digital downloading, including by digital subscription.  (Other videos can also be found on You Tube.)

Most popular Justin resources with my students have been Justin’s last teaching DVD which also includes a full silent practice at the end with 4 teachers, and his official Photo Text and

Apart from access to Justin’s own materials, two of our teacher trainers have DVD’s available as well:

  • DVD seated form by Sandy McAlister, T’ai Chi Chih Guide, and Teacher Trainer at
  • DVD teaching and practice video by Pam Towne, T’ai Chi Chih Teacher Trainor at

Note 1: I currently have a couple of copies on hand of Justin’s DVD and  of Sandy’s and Pam’s for purchase. I also have copies available for students as part of a Lending Library.   After browsing the Lending Library copies, students often decide to purchase their own copies.

NOTE 2: Postage costs re individual orders for hard copies
Postage can be incredibly high from the USA for individual orders. I periodically place an extra pre-paid order just for students if quantities are sufficient. Bulk orders spread the postage out and make it more manageable.    If large enough, an order may also qualify for a teacher discount and that would also help offset postage and customs charges.

Click here to practice along with me … or simply sit and watch and visualize doing the practice with me … or a mix of both, always making any personal modifications as you feel appropriate according to your needs. This guided teaching/practice video is 72 minutes. You can start and stop as you choose or scroll back and forth to particular moves. All of these movements can also be done seated. A “Seated T’ai Chi Chih” DVD is also available, as noted above.

Click here to en-JOY my personal recording of a  47 minute “silent” practice in which I simply say the name of the next move as we go along, and then “last one” or “one more” as we bring each movement to what we call our “graceful conclusion”.

*** I anticipate recording a personal video doing a seated T’ai Chi Chih practice, likely a mix of teaching and practice, in the next while.  Will post the link here when available.

*** Click here for two lovely outdoor follow-along silent practices with Chris Norkus, a T’ai Chi Chih  teacher friend from North Carolina.

* Full practice link with 6 forward repetitions and 3 on side moves – 23 minutes
* Full practice link with 9 forward repetitions and 3 0n side moves – 37 minutes

Chris passed away a couple of years ago and these videos are part of the legacy he has left us. His original website    was initially taken off-line when he passed away and was partially reloaded in 2020.  The 2 videos are definitely gems I think you will enJOY and find really helpful. Deeply grateful to have them available again and to be able to share them with you. Chris certainly embodies the softness and the sense of flowing and floating  that are the essence of T’ai Chi Chih.

*** Click here for a wonderful web site created by T’ai Chi Chih teacher, Amy Tyksinski, who lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico and  was a student of Justin Stone. When her site opens, click on Videos and prepare to be amazed as you practice along with her or sometimes simply watch and visualize doing it with her. Her site includes an amazing set of teaching and practice videos for each of the moves as well as a full practice video.

Here also is a a link to an on-going series of T’ai Chi Chih practice/reflection segments which Amy shared in a recent February 2024 e-mail. We have begun sharing some of them in our Beyond Beginners class, thoroughly enjoying  her Introduction, and loving the way she incorporates so many snippets of |Justin’s writings. Taste and See for yourself! As time allows, hoping to also share some in our Winter Beginners classes. Else in the Spring … when Mother Nature is less likely to cancel any of our classes. ????

New YouTube T’ai Chi Chih series “Feeling the Chi” exploring how to feel the energy in each T’ai Chi Chih movement with enhanced awareness which leads us to JOY.

“As awareness grows, so does Joy. As we approach Joy, we approach divinity.” – Justin Stone (originator of TCC)

Link to “T’ai Chi Chih – Feeling the ‘Chi'” playlist (adding new videos each week – up to the “Pulling Taffy” movements)

The Vital Force Journal

The Vital Force Journal is the official quarterly journal of the T’ai Chi Chih Community for both teachers and students. On the cover of each issue appears a quote from Justin that reads: “T’ai Chi Chih is a service to humanity. It is a form of love.

I also have second copies available as part of my Lending Library. Each is a compilation of articles and materials from Justin, plus articles and reflections from our T’ai Chi Chih Guide and Teacher Trainers, as well as teachers and students from the world-wide T’ai Chi Chih Community .

To read more about it, subscribe, or download a sample copy click here.

Articles and Special Presentations

See the Articles menu for my personal presentations at 2 recent T’ai Chi Chih Conferences

  • Happy Hands, Happy Feet    * July2016
  • Awakening the Energy Within * June 2019

See the Articles menu also for my other personal T’ai Chi Chih articles

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