Reported Benefits of Chow Medical Qigong

Reported benefits vary from person to person, including the following most commonly reported:

  • facilitating better performance and better quality of life overall
  • increasing strength, flexibility and balance
  • building higher levels of energy and stamina
  • helping you reach your optimal level of health
  • reducing anxiety, depression, chronic pain condition
  • strengthening your cardiovascular system
  • improving existing health conditions
  • providing powerful stress  management tool
  • slowing aspects of the aging process
  • boosting your immune system
  • enhancing your respiratory function
  • regulating weight and metabolism
  • enhancing mental clarity, focus and creativity
  • fostering more JOY in your life!

Each person’s experience can be very different depending on your own body’s needs and its readiness to heal and open up to new possibilities for aliveness and wellness, in body, mind and spirit as one.