Retreats & Workshops

NOTE: Please keep checking the individual T’ai Chi Chih  and Wisdom Healing Qigong pages, and the NEWS Menu as well  for the current class flyer
regarding special Saturday sessions

at Virginia Water Contemplative Centre, located on beautiful Virginia Lake,
at 47 Parsonage Drive, St. John’s,  (off Logy Bay Road, in NTV area)
or other special sessions at other sites.

If interested, welcome to contact me.
Please note my new G-mail address …  Cell is 709-727-7863

NOTE: Spring 2024 Saturday Retreat Days planned for April 27th and May 5th.
Please let me know by next Saturday the 13th if you plan on attending am/pm or both.
9:30 – 12:30 for T’ai Chi Chih and 1:30 -4:30 for Wisdom Healing Qigong.

Click this link for my Spring 2024  Flyer – T’ai Chi Chih/Wisdom Healing Qigong

See details below re:
Saturday sessions at Virginia Water Contemplative Centre
*** Retreat/Reflection Days with Staffs & Other Special Groups
*** Full Day or Half Day Workshops
*** July 2020 T’ai Chi Chih Weekend Workshop at The Lantern (Cancelled due to Covid-19)
(with  Daniel Pienciak, Trainer, Teacher, Mentor and Friend from New Jersey)


Our special Saturday sessions at Virginia Water Contemplative Centre
always prove to be a simply wonder-full day … or half day. They are a kind of buffet style tasting/practice of  the various components of a particular class.

A mix of quiet, reflection, sharing, and practice,  with lunch together as as option.
(Bringing your own brown bag lunch)
The sessions are always very much en-JOYed by all who come to participate,
with or without previous experience.

Whether getting together for a half day or a full day, everyone seems to want to stay longer!
All are repeatedly delighted to be going home with a variety of new “tools”
in their wellness tool kits!
Then the “homework” begins as you continue to incorporate it into your daily life!
The only “test” is your life itself! That is where you notice the amazing results!

A gift you give yourself!  A gift that keeps on giving!

Virginia Water Contemplative Centre, 47 Parsonage Drive, St. John’s

Shall keep you posted re other possibilities as they unfold …
Please also see Program Options side menu for more information.


Retreat/Reflection Days with Staffs & Other Special Groups

These can be sessions I initiate or ones that are offered on request from special interest groups with a particular focus or by staff groups for staff personal development days. The day or half day may be requested with a focus on one or the other or a taste of both.  Many come simply looking for a relaxing, reflective day together devoted to healthy self-care, a kind of “time-out”.

At the end of the day participants would be able to go home and continue some beginning practices on their own.
Many leave with their appetites hungry for more and register for the next full set of classes!
(They can also be available on request in other areas of the province as well, as life allows.)

Group days can be arranged to accommodate both the group’s calendar and my own.
Suggested Offering:   To be negotiated with the group.


Full Day or Half Day Workshops

Full day or half day workshops, up to three hours in length, and often offered at other local sites, would provide an introduction to either T’ai Chi Chih or Wisdom Healing Qigong or both and would include a general understanding of the key principles, sufficient practice time to gain an initial familiarity with key practices and perhaps “taste”  others as time allows.

Such workshops have been offered on request for special interest groups, sometimes as part of Staff Development Days, or as part of a larger retreat weekend sponsored by other individuals or groups such as the one pictured here at The Wilds in 2012, sponsored by Lucy O’Driscoll.



One other  such session involved the staff at The Whitbourne Youth Detention Centre with a view to possibly providing sessions for youth at risk. That particular T’ai Chi Chih afternoon introductory experience eventually led to a wider group of staff in Youth Services asking for a full staff Personal Development Day with a T’ai Chi Chih focus.

Another series of such workshops was held in 2007, each time for a different group of women, as part of International Women’s Week at the Military Families Resource Centre in Pleasantville.


NOTE: This event was cancelled due to Covid-19.
Will keep you posted for other opportunities.
The details would be similar another time.

July, 2020 T’ai Chi Chih Weekend Workshop at The Lantern
with  Daniel Pienciak, Tr
ainer, Teacher, Mentor and Friend from New Jersey

Workshop is open to each and to all who have learned the full set of 19 T’ai Chi Chih movements
and are fairly comfortable with your practice …

Posting this information as of March 2, 2020, for those of you who may like to join us July 17th – 19th for a T’ai Chi Chih weekend with Daniel Pienciak, Teacher Trainor, my original T’ai Chi Chih mentor and now good friend.

Some of you have already expressed an interest. At this point I am asking anyone interested to please confirm in so far as you can make a commitment right now so we can determine that we have sufficient pre-registrations to make it a GO.

Please pre-register early, by May 1st if possible … with a $50 deposit to save your space.  Deposit refunds negotiable, pending enough other registrants.

Simply “Come, Relax and en-JOY!”  … “Resting in the Essence!”

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