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While it is best and highly recommended that you initially learn
T’ai Chi Chih
in person with an Accredited Teacher, t
he following RESOURCES
you may also enjoy and find very helpful
as a support for your learning and in your continuing practice.

Some are official resources from Justin Stone, Originator of T’ai Chi Chih.
There is also a teaching/practice video  which I personally recorded while teaching on Zoom.
There is also a set of two outdoor videos  practices led by a fellow teacher, Chris Norkus.

Official Resources from Justin Stone, Originator of T’ai Chi Chih

NOTE: See additional updated posting at end of NEWS page, posted as of May 20, 2020

  • Links to many video clips and other teachings of Justin Stone, the originator of T’ai Chi Chih,  speaking about and teaching T’ai Chi Chih can be found on the official T’ai Chi Chih  web site under the Instructional Materials heading at     and others can also elsewhere  on You Tube.
  • A variety of other support material is available in the form of an official Photo Text by Justin, official teaching DVDs for T’ai Chi Chih and its advanced form which is called Seijaku,  a PBS DVD of 13 interviews with Justin done by Carmen Brocklehurst who is an accredited teacher and a student of Justin’s in Albuquerque, an audio CD called “Justin Speaks” and a variety of other printed publications by Justin. Many of these are also available for ordering on-line, though international mailing can be very costly .
  • Two of our Teacher Trainers also have DVD’s available. Sandy McAlister, our TCC Guide and one of our Trainers, has a DVD of the seated form of T’ai Chi Chih and Pam Towne, another Trainer, has a personal teaching DVD.

Justin’s Photo Text and DVDs and the Trainers’ DVD I have available for purchase.
Many of the above materials I also have available as part of a Lending Library for students/teachers. 
After browsing the Lending Library copies, students/teachers often decide to purchase their own.

My personal recordings of T’ai Chi Chih full guided teaching/practice sessions …

Click here to practice along with me … or simply sit and watch and visualize doing the practice … or a mix of both, always making any personal modifications as you feel appropriate according to your needs. The video is 72 minutes. You can start and stop as you choose or scroll back and forth to particular moves. All of these movements can also be done seated. *** See note below.

Click Here to en-JOY my personal recording of a  47 minute “silent” practice in which I simply say the name of the next move as we go along, and then “last one” or “one more” as we bring each movement to what we call our “graceful conclusion”.

*** I anticipate recording a personal video doing a seated T’ai Chi Chih practice, likely a mix of teaching and practice, in the next while.  Will post the link here when available.

Links for practice/teaching videos with other teachers

*** Two lovely outdoor follow-along practices with Chris Norkus, a T’ai Chi Chih  teacher friend from North Carolina.

* Full practice link with 6 forward repetitions and 3 on side moves – 23 minutes
* Full practice link with 9 forward repetitions and 3 0n side moves – 37 minutes

Chris passed away a couple of years ago and these videos are part of the legacy he has left us. His original website    was initially taken off-line when he passed away and was partially reloaded in 2020.  The 2 videos are definitely gems I think you will enJOY and find really helpful. Deeply grateful to have them available again and to be able to share them with you. Chris certainly embodies the softness and the sense of flowing and floating  that are the essence of T’ai Chi Chih.

*** Click here for a wonderful web site done by T’ai Chi Chih teacher, Amy Tyksinski.
Her site includes an amazing set of teaching and practice videos for each of the moves as well as a full practice video.

En-JOY indeed!


The Vital Force Journal

The Vital Force Journal is the official quarterly journal of the T’ai Chi Chih Community. On the cover of each issue appears a quote from Justin that reads: “T’ai Chi Chih is a service to humanity. It is a form of love.

I also have second copies available as part of my Lending Library. It is a compilation of articles and materials from Justin, plus articles and reflections from our T’ai Chi Chih Guide and Teacher Trainers, as well as teachers and students from the world-wide T’ai Chi Chih Community .

To read more about it, subscribe, or download a sample copy click here.

Other sites and happenings:

Other Articles

Other Videos –  A Ted Talk with Amy Tyksinski   – Teaching T’ai Chi Chih with High School Students

(You can also click here to visit Amy’s wonderful web site.)