Sheila Leonard

Hi to each and to all …
My name is Sheila Leonard, PBVM.
Welcome to my energy healing web site,
“Awakening the Energy Within”!

A few years ago I had described myself as a young and vibrant woman, full of energy and enthusiasm for all of life. My passion, fueled by the Energy of the unfolding New Creation Story, continues, indeed,
to be for life itself, for anything that fosters joy and aliveness, for myself and for others.
That continues to be my story.

All of us can surely relate to seeking health, happiness and a deep fulfillment in our life!
The practices which I teach are very much about “coming home to our bodies, coming home to ourselves” by awakening the energy within in ways that empower us and impel us towards that greater health, happiness and fulfillment of life we all seek.  Indeed, I see T’ai Chi Chih/Qigong as simple, gentle ways of facilitating that for ourselves, helping us feel better,  body, mind and spirit, while simply drawing on our own natural inner resources.

As a Presentation Sister , (PBVM being the initials for the religious community of women I am part of), I had served over the years as a teacher and administrator in our school system.  Many years ago I had gotten so very sick and my life was turned quite upside down by the experience.  Getting as sick as I had gotten I now see as a gift in its own right, perhaps, amazingly,  one of the best things that ever happened to me,  as it became a major turning point in my life.  It had opened all kinds of new doors as I sought new ways to get my life back on track  when the conventional avenues I had initially pursued left me with more questions than answers. 

When I eventually I retired from our school system, I became more “rewired” than “retired”,  engaging anew in holistic healing with Tai Chi Chih (tie-chee-chuh) and then other forms of Qigong (chee-gong) as my new focus.  It was amazing to learn that all T’ai Chi forms and numerous other forms as well are actually forms of Qigong.

I had first found T’ai Chi Chih in 1992 as part of my healing journey, or rather, as I now say, T’ai Chi Chih first found ME!   I loved its softness, its  soothing quality.  To quote one of my students later on, “Doing it just feels good!”  It was one of the key things that had helped my life get back on track, and my gratitude for it abounds.  Fulfilling a long-standing dream of mine, in 2003 I became accredited as a T’ai Chi Chih® Joy Thru Movement Instructor, with accreditation also including the advanced form called Seijaku.

I have been teaching T’ai Chi Chih  ever since, including around the province for a number of years.  Still open to traveling as life allows.  I continue to practice it for myself, and I continue to teach it as a service of love for the joy and aliveness it also awakens for others.

My T’ai Chi Chih students in western NL first introduced me to a practice called Chow Medical Qigong, and that eventually led to my Certification in that form of Qigong in 2012, and to four years of teaching it.  As often happens, that door opened yet another door and in 2017 I became certified as a Level One Wisdom Healing Qigong Instructor, formally teaching that now in place of Chow Medical Qigong. I am now continuing on toward my Level Two Certification in October 2018.

Besides being a T’ai Chi Chih and Qigong Teacher and Practitioner, a number of years before that I also became Certified as a Reiki Practitioner.    I have been offering one-on-one Reiki Healing Sessions on a very limited basis over the years, mostly to those in my closer personal circles, and sometimes to others who have learned of it from them. I have a Professional Membership which qualifies me to provide insurance claim forms as well, which is a big plus for many.  I will continue to offer Reiki as time and life allow and am open to new inquiries.

My healing journey has been an exhilarating one in lots of ways, and I continue to learn to live more fully each new day as it unfolds.  It has brought a new kind and new depth of energy amidst life’s on-going challenges as well as its delights. I find myself increasingly more serene, more focused, more open, more free, and very much alive and well … am increasingly grateful … and continually amazed. It is for me both a pleasure and a privilege to be able to share these practices with you.

As I have long maintained,
“Sometimes to keep something,
you need to give it away.

Also, as we are learning more and more,
“Where the mind goes, energy flows!”


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“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs;
ask yourself what makes you come alive. And go do that.
Because what the world needs is people who have come alive”

– Howard Thurman